Yes, I am aware

(begin rant)

Over the last couple of months I have seen all my specialists and even brought in a new one to deal with.  One common connection…”you need to lose weight”.

Yes, I am aware.

Not one word that my blood tests came back with an indication that I’m showing dehydration in my blood but nonetheless, I’m fat.  Thanks for playing docs! My chronic illness didn’t come with the weight loss package!

I won’t lie. I’m feeling a bit defeated right now. The change in my eating habits has resulted in less bloating and a bit more energy but no real weight loss as of yet. I do notice that I am not drinking enough water and need to step that up.

Meh. I’m off to do some self care research so I don’t eat my weight in gluten!

(end rant)


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3 thoughts on “Yes, I am aware

  1. UGH! How annoying. The less than joyful fact is that most chronic illnesses come with weight gain, which totally sucks since I don’t know many who would sign up for that.

    The other sad fact is that chronic illness makes it even harder to get back down to a reasonable weight. Add to that the fact that the ‘conventional’ methods for weight loss (Eat less!!! Move more!!!) that are pushed on us only make our illnesses worse.

    Go nosh on a piece of bacon, read up on keto and then take a nap. {{hugs}}

  2. That’s irritating. “Ok, Doc. What is keeping the weight on?” Not everyone’s body can just respond to basic movement and diet.
    I tried going vegetarian for Lent. It lasted a week before my body had a fit by gaining weight and causing headaches and fun issues.
    So, I am sure a chronic illness would come with its own problems that make weight loss difficult. Don’t they learn this stuff in med school or something?

    1. You’d think they would understand but no. That is why I am currently getting referrals for a new doctor 🙁

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