World Mental Health Day

Sadly, one of the biggest numbers in the world of chronic fatigue statistics is suicide. That is why I wanted to bring to your attention to World Mental Health Day. There is a quote that I love that basically says “Be kind, you never know what battle a person is raging”

Those with chronic illness deal with so many symptoms that often include new ones we never had before. Social Anxiety, anxiety in general, depression…you name it, we are probably dealing with it. Also, when we change our habits to meet our health needs, we begin to lose friends, family and trusted mentors. Why? Often it because the person hasn’t taken the time to really investigate and understand what you are going through. Not everyone will understand that every day you feel like you were hit by a mac truck with all the symptoms of having a flu.

We mourn the loss of who we one were, we are challenged with what we have become and how we will endure the future.

Be kind.

Pick up the phone and just say hello

Let’s us know you have our back.

World Mental Health Day
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