WoOf aNd LicKS!


It doesn’t seem possible that three years ago I rescued my Yorkie from the shelter! Three years! The end of the month is her adoptive birthday date and I am still so very glad she rescued me as well. She has really improved since moving in with the family. She has a yard to run around in and a cousin to play with. Despite my fears of her reactions to her rather rambunctious cousin, they have become really great companions. Oscar has her playin and she has him around her little paw.

Since I haven’t planned a bday party for her this year I decided to enroll her into Barkbox. it’s a monthly subscription based box that sends treats and toys. You plug in the name, size and date of birth…they send you cool stuff! Now, if I can’t only wait till her bday to open it!!!!

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2 thoughts on “WoOf aNd LicKS!

  1. How cool is that?!?! She’s gonna love it!! Hmm… thinking Winchester might like this – maybe when he turns 1 in October (that’s the closest I can estimate when he was born)

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