Woah…Wait…You Read This?

Recently I wrote that I was going to work on spending less, I didn’t need a new planner…blah blah blah. So, payday came and in the business that I am in, days can get pretty stressful. I work close to big-box stores that carry crafting and planner supplies and I often “lunch” at said stores. I stressed-shopped my way into the new six-ring planner and goodies.

I took it home and my roomies looked a me askew and said “you just wrote you weren’t going to spend anything on this kind of stuff!”.


Not only do I have readers (hello to all…five of you!) but they hold me accountable. Isn’t that my One Little Word this year? Boy do I suck at this or what? Maybe I took on too much with the word I picked. Goodness knows my spending habits could use a bit of structure. Don’t get me wrong, I do take care of my basic needs (rent, groceries, food, pet stuff, and stuff for the house). It’s not like I take my rent money and go off and buy a pair of Jimmy Choo’s (though, I often fantasize about doing just that). What’s left over, that’s my play money, coffee funds and other necessities of life, like make-up.

But some habit’s die hard. I still play “Steal from Peter to pay Paul” more often than I should and the only reason I have a small amount in savings is because I put it in a place that does not have easy, immediate access.

Thank you dear reader’s for the bitch slap I needed to wake up and not be vague and to remember what I write about.



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