Why Don’t People Understand?!?

I made a decision yesterday that I know has pissed off my core group of friends. I decided not to attend the Baronial Birthday of Twin Moons. I stayed home, watched movies, went to bed at a decent time and throughly enjoyed it. Well, once I was done feeling guilty. I am being lambasted about not being out with my friends. My question to them is…what part of “I DON’T WANNA PLAY IN THE SCA!” is not clear? I spent Friday evening in the company of some really great people and had a blast. All I could think about yesterday is being in stuffy room, pretending to have a good time when all I would be worried about is how I was going to make my last three dollars last till payday. Some say that this action allows Abby to win this battle we are having.  Umm…what exactly is she winning?? A boyfriend who can’t get it up?? More power to ya girl! I honestly had more fun choosing the peonies I want to plant in my garden than being there. My tweet today says exactly how if feel. If you choose to be a part of my life, then accept MY choices. If ya don’t, then leave.  This time, right now, the present…it’s all about me!

It’s a universal truth that people don’t really like change. Who I was these last few years…it’s not the true person that I am. That is the great part of my life right now. I am finding out who I am.

On a new subject. Getting ready to rearrange the apartment. I found someone on Freecycle that will come pick up the futon frame and computer desk.  Those items will be gone on Tuesday. This 4th of July weekend will be spent putting the master bedroom to rights and finally getting the office set up. I am postponing the re-painting of the furniture till next year. I decided that I would rather spend my money on getting the garden started. I will be clearing up a lot of space and I know that will release a lot of the pressure I feel right now.

On the Compact side. I put a lot of unused veggies and fruits in the compost pile this week. I created my meal plan for the next week and that seemed to help with making better decisions on the grocery front. Plus, it allows me to put my wish list together for the items I want to grow. For example, I am using parsley, cilantro, mint, oregano a lot in my cooking. It irks me that even at Sprouts, I am purchasing way more than I will use. I also kept my debit card at home this week. It was amazing to me to discover just how many times I was reaching for it. I will continue to keep it at home unless it’s a payday. It’s one less way for me to watch my spending. I have been doing a lot of reading in the voluntary simplicity and recently added myself to the Compact movement. It has been a challenge but it also builds an awareness I didn’t have before.

Time to finish my coffee, read the paper and take a shower. What loverly way to spend my day, renewing my spirit!

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