WhEre ThE HeLl diD jAnUaRY GO?

I have been so into the job and new year that I have been rather neglectful of my blog. Things are a bit rough lately and I don’t want my blog to be about whiny things and hopeless other things. As life generally goes, things eventually work out.

I am sitting here contemplating my post and wondering if I should clean my apartment or re-organize my bedroom. Last month, the kitchen was done. Mostly, I went through all the spices, utensils, and misc. crap I own and pared down. My goal of having a nice sized pantry is really working out and I love that every time I need to shop for stock, I have a coupon. The kitchen is about as organized as I can get it with the space I have in the apartment. I grouped items too, i.e. baking items…all in one area. Not hunting in that cabinet or that drawer. I will setting aside some cash to purchase a red microwave…hush, it’s red and goes with the kitchen theme!

This month is about the bedroom and preparing the finances for tax stuff in March. Along with that, preparing for a major SCA event in the middle of month and various other projects. I am feeling a bit lethargic lately so I will be making an appointment to get my blood checked. I am sure {yes, I know} some vitamins would do the trick and get me moving again.

I am really ready for spring to be here. Winter is always a bit rough and I am no good with the cold. Tonight I will dream of warm and sunny places!

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