What’s Your Niche?

It’s the buzz word that keeps this blogger up at night.  What’s your niche? I don’t know, I write a blog. I’m a reluctant creative, that is blessed mess with a chronic illness…where do I fit in?
I promised myself four years ago that this blog would not be about my illness. I didn’t want to be one of “Those” people who constantly threw up verbal vomit onto the screen about what drugs that weren’t working and what was. Or what crazy side symptom was I experiencing this month. blah. blah. blah.
Here’s a crazy fact…I’m a blogger with a chronic illness. HELLO! I know, I was as amazed as you probably are. If I wanted to be all adult and honest with myself I would totally tell you that my illness is just a part of my as my faith, family and my dog. It’s not going anywhere and neither am I.
I get lost a lot (I can’t find my ass with a map) and I end up overwhelmed with all my thoughts and directions. It wouldn’t be so bad if this blog ended up helping others with a chronic illness, right? I am certainly not a medical expert but I know I have struggles and challenges that could be shared in a sassy way that is all my own.
But I also have to ask myself, what do I want out of all this? Ultimately, by the time I’m fifty…I want to be debt free, living in a one room house in Bisbee, AZ. Or Prague…but it snows there…so I will summer in Nice. Hey, I can dream. Ok, I will bring this down to reality. My goal is to be a source of inspiration, information and haven for those who are going through illness. We have to celebrate being alive among all the pain, doctor’s appointments and insanity that chronic illness can be.
I may talk about wanting to chuck everything I own into a large dumpster and living a minimal life (stop laughing Mom). Or how I love planners (in all forms). Crazy fun days like Napping Day or Peanut Butter Sandwich day. I may talk about a study that just came out on ME/CFS or Fibromyalgia. Or throw in a YouTube on my favorite paper goods shop.  Or maybe a review of a book. A short post about how the hell to plan your life when you struggle to get out of bed each day. It’s all going to be here…it’s all about the journey my friends.
I’m open to suggestions readers. What would you like to read about?
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