I missed updating you last week on my quest to find USA made items while out shopping. I came across an interesting dilemma. What do you do when the store doesn’t offer an American made option?? Case in point, I went in search of some craft supplies. I needed two 5×7 canvas frames to complete a project for my bedroom. The manufacturers were either China or India…that was it. Now admittedly, I only went to one store. {Family works there, gotta support that ya know}. So I opted for the item made in India. I figure China has my nations debt and billions of citizens, they don’t need my hard-earned cash. I did a quick internet search and found zilch on canvas frames.  It does take a few extra minutes to read the labels but I did find some supplies made here.

Ever wonder how the whole overseas thing works? Since I am not an international finance kinda gal so I was happy to run across this post and found it rather educational.

And don’t get me started on pet supplies!! The national chains are full of products made in China. All the ‘store’ brand items, pet toys and clothes…all made in China. There were a couple of exceptions. My sister found a food brand called Bil-Jac that is made here in the USA and some various treats that were American made.  But, if you want to dress up your pup in something cute…forget it! I did find some adorable handmade items on Etsy plus links galore for patterns I can make myself. This whole venture has been quite an eye-opening experience.

It leads me to this weeks thought…what item would I not compromise on? Even if it meant buying outside the USA??

bye for now!



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