UnSOciAl ExPeRImeNt

This past week I deactivated my Facebook page. Mostly due to person drama that I just didn’t want to participate in. The decision was quite easy actually. What will I miss? Party invites, sushi social? Yes, these are important things. They are the nice things I enjoy doing with my friends. I find that I am spending way less time on the computer and this could be a good thing. (except if I am watching too much TV!)

What I won’t miss are the snotty comments left by people who just don’t have any idea what I am going through in my life. And I am sorry, sometimes it is just damn hard to find something witty to say. I don’t really have any game plan on how long I am going to turn it off for…few days, couple of months. If I begin to feel isolated, then I will rethink my experiment.

So the question remains…is Facebook evil or just drawn that way?

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4 thoughts on “UnSOciAl ExPeRImeNt

  1. Yep… I’ve often times called it the ebil Facebook. I recently went through and unfriended several people that I either don’t talk to, or have their own drama, or people that I have no idea who they are but were friended because they knew someone I know. Now, I am VERY selective of who I add as friends, and only post positive, uplifting things.

    It’s entirely too easy to fire off a snippy, snarky, smarta$$ remark, or write something that could be easily taken out of context. It’s also too easy for people to post things that are highly inappropriate.

    Social media is here and one of those only slightly necessisary evils – there’s also been some good that’s come out of it (heck, the Awesome Hubby was able to find his sister that he lost touch with about 10 years ago… so YAY for FB!)

    There’s enough people in the world who will abuse social media to just add to the strife in this world, I choose not to be one of them…

    And would MUCH rather make the effort to have a face to face conversation or personal connection with someone than make things impersonal through a public site… (blogs being an exception. 😉

  2. I suspect that if you let your friends know you’ve disabled FB the party/sushi invites will still come via text. 🙂

  3. Well, I miss talking to you. Hope you are ok and to hear from you soon. Btw, Facebook is like a gun. Not good nor bad, just a matter of how you use it.

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