TiS da SeASon!

I love the weekend after Thanksgiving! My home is in disarray with boxes of Christmas decorations! It’s when the Christmas dishes replace the everyday dishes and all the memories of Christmas past are lovingly displayed. I am half way through my shopping (waiting for Cyber Monday to hit) and am so ready for my second favorite holiday of the year! (My other favorite holiday is my birthday…I like to celebrate any day you give me presents as a holiday!)

The Christmas tree theme this year is Homemade Christmas. We will only be adding ornaments made by us (ok, made by my sister) and maybe a few hand-made ones we have found over the years. My loft will be black & silver for the bedroom area with red & silver in the master bath!

Oh and Santa, I can explain…EVERYTHING!!!

Photo Courtesy of freestockphotos.biz
Photo Courtesy of freestockphotos.biz
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4 thoughts on “TiS da SeASon!

  1. “Oh and Santa, I can explain…EVERYTHING!!!”

    Uh huh… sure…. 😉

    And yay the giftie I’m sending you is gonna fit in wonderfully with the theme!!

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