Three Year Itch

At the beginning of May I was all excited to do not one but four Instagram challenges…it lasted about three days. My intentions were good, but my body had other plans.
I did stick with one though that I was really excited about. InkWell Press had a 28-day challenge to organize personal spaces (think, bathroom, closets, bedroom and such). Each Sunday started off with a video by Tanya Dalton (owner of InkWellPress) with tips and suggestions for each day of the challenge.  This one, I actually finished.
I noticed a particular habit of mine this time around, I have a need to re-shuffle the feathers of my nest about every three years.  When I had my cottage house, around the third year I re-painted, re-did and re-organized each room of the adorable little place. At the apartment, it was around the third year there that I did the same (posts are in this blog somewhere). It made me giggle because, I’ve been at the Homestead for about three years now. Talk about having certain cycles in life.
I really, really enjoyed this challenge. It was well organized, unique and inspirational. In total, I gave 12 bags to donation and two full garden trash bags of trash. (trash was also measured by the use of the copious amount of circle circle dot store shopping bags I have, about 9 of those). What was even better, it went well with my 52-Week list I made at the beginning of the year for cleaning my space.
Now I have less physical tasks ahead of me with most of the bigger projects done due to this challenge.  There was a hint of maybe another challenge in the future with InkWell, I’d sign up for it if I were you!
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