Three Reasons I KonMari

I have written a few posts about the Kon-Mari method so I’m no stranger to this trend. I have completed my first major purge and have been using her method to keep down the clutter. Though, I must admit there are still several areas that could use another go-around. (I’m looking at you hobby supplies).

As with anything in life, what works for some doesn’t always work for others. Marie’s method has you going through certain sections and in a certain order. I would greatly recommend first timers to follow her game plan! It does work. However, cleaning out an entire closet and dumping it on the floor does not work for me. I may never get up off the floor!

Breaking down the Method into mini tasks keeps me motivate and there is no cause for overwhelm. I wish I could say that I always hit my mark this way but I don’t. I also don’t beat up myself if I missed a weekend of de-cluttering. I have even postponed a few till later. There is no harm in that.

I still use her ideology but with my twist. I created a list for my notebook called Kon-Mari Version 2.0 – catchy right? I have assigned each month of the calendar a particular section, i.e. January = clothes, February = books and so forth. Why? Because gone are the days where I could clean and rearrange a room in less that 12 hours. I spend so much energy now on the simplest of tasks

Clutter can take many forms, body (weight/health), spirit (addiction) and mental (social media) so taking time to remove the road blocks can be rewarding as well. iPhone has added a monitoring tidbit to their software that can let you know just how much time you have been utilizing on The Facebook before you go to bed at night. Once you remove the veil of vague, the truth comes out.

Is e-mail an issue with too many sale adds and newsletters? I found using a email cleaner like helps with that. Setting automatic filters direct to the trash is another way to remove items.

Another benefit that has recently emerged is my impulse buying. I have become way more aware of how quickly I can be persuaded that I need something, only to realize that I don’t. Instead of getting all shopper remorseful, I have been working on stepping away from the temptation. I had to, of course, find a way to funnel these purchases to something constructive.

It’s two active lists that help me right now. First is my short term goals. This is for the purchases/goals such as a new tat. I capped my goals to under $500 but over $100. I set up a separate account that funnels five dollars a week into a savings. Its a very slow way to save but delaying is the key here. Second, I also utilize a Thirty Day List. Here is where I put all my wants as I see them but they serve no vital importance to my life. It could be a fancy pen or re-filling of a tape runner. This allows my quick purchases to be for things that I know I will use and actually need.

It comforts me to have these “systems” in place. Dealing with clutter along with a chronic illness can be so overwhelming and can make us weary. We will get there, eventually.

~ Lissy

Three Reasons I Kon-Mari
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