ThIs LiTTle PiGGy

Several months ago I started using cash envelopes for budgeting purposes. With using cash comes the change, and lots of it. Instead of giving a merchant exact change, I want change back! So I can feed the pig!

Princess Pin Pin
Princess Pin Pin

My portly friend was getting even more portly, so I took her down to the local coin counter and got just close to fifty bucks out of her! Cha-ching! If you didn’t know, pin money was money set aside for the purchase of incidentals (i.e. silk stockings or a new hat). I decided that my pin money is going to be used to purchase something trivial, or something just fun in general. A piece of jewelery, a book, or a subscription to a rather expensive magazine.

Yep, this quarter’s allotment will be purchasing a subscription to Somerset Workshop ~ The Art of Mixed Media and Paper. It’s six issues for thirty-three bucks!!

There is a rather nice sense of anticipation in this long awaited purchase.

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