The Queen of Vague

Remember this Happy New Year – #OLW? My great word for 2016? Hmm, well. I suck at it. I do. I could not measure any Responsibility, Answerability, Trustworthiness at this moment. Liability – which I mentioned in “Financial Maintenance” is even a bear.

I will admit, I always bite off more than I can chew. Heck, I haven’t touch my journaling with One Little Word since January.

So what is my deal?

Other than the Chronic Illness thing that eats up all my sick & vacation time…I’m being vague.  Defined as indefinite or indistinct in nature or character. As much as I would love to blame this on my illness. I can’t. I failed to plan, re-act and decide accordingly.

During the week of March 21st – April 2nd, I kept a logbook (an idea from Dee at DecadeThirty). I accounted for each moment of these days. I included time spent surfing the net (not for business purposes, playing on my phone (DAMN YOU INSTAGRAM) and any periods I had to do with rest.  Wowzers! I am not only vague but a huge ass time waster!

Photo by Author
Photo by Author

As with anything in life, changes take time, practice and dedication. I now have a weekly update that allows me to review what I have accomplished, track my goals on a more consistent basis and leaving me with a more peaceful feeling.

What do you do when life becomes a bit vague?

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