The Pressman’s Girlfriend

     Many years ago, and no I won’t tell you how many, I worked for a print shop.  It was there I learned about difference between linen versus woven paper, the poundage and how to spot a watermark. It left such an impression on me that the love of all things paper has been with me ever since.  I wish I could tell you the type of press they used and what the machine was called but I honestly can’t recall. I do remember that they did not have a letter-press and the machine was of a rotary sort. I want to say it was a type of offset lithography but I could be wrong.
     I used to think my hobby in a historical society was what made me happy, I thought I had found a niche that made my heart sing. As hard as I worked, my efforts where over shadowed by my own personal mistakes and drama. When I stepped far away from the society, I  was left with a very,  huge empty feeling and a sense of…”now what do I do??”
      I had to do something, so I started making handmade envelopes to sell on Etsy.  That was a start.
     Then came the various doctor’s appointments, the diagnosis and a financial crisis I had to put effort into. It was one heck of a year and a half ride of ups and downs.  Now that life is at a settled point once again and I able to finally sit still enough to listen to the Universe.
     So what I have I learned? I learned I am a picker. I have a knack of finding odd objects and turning them into other objects, that mixed media art is my thing and (THE BIGGEST REVELATION EVER) that I am an artist. Boy howdy!
     It’s not through sewing or baking but through turning found objects into something unique and using paper to communicate my hearts voice.
So it leads me here, back to my blog, my tool to show the world my biggest achievements and my worse possible art works ever {I will show you the Ugly Fish one day, I promise!}…what a grand journey this is going to be for us!
     It’s a tool to build up JJDouglasPaperCo into a growing Etsy storefront with paper goods (found and made) and maybe I’ll be lucky enough to find myself in front of a print press once again
Where does your heart lead you? Are you listening?!?
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2 thoughts on “The Pressman’s Girlfriend

  1. I had no idea you started out in the printing industry! Me too!! Loved it! Loved everything about the whole graphic design field and almost went that way. *sigh*

    So excited for you, and I need to start listening to what my heart is trying to tell me and where it’s wanting to lead me! Thanks for that reminder.

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