tHe MaDCaP ADvEnTUrEs oF THe PiNK FloWeREd WeLLiEs

So, it has become pretty obvious to me that the experiment of sowing seeds indoors was not for me. Two batches, dead! So, inspiration struck last night! I took the bag of potting soil I had and filled three self-watering flats. Then, cuz I am SMRT, it rained last night. Getting the planters good and wet. This morning, after the Sunday ritual of sweeping the entry, I threw in all the perennial seeds, shasta daisy and cosmos. Viola! I figure, they have a much better chance of blooming there than inside the appartement! (I don’t know why, but all things are French today.) Let’s just hope that Saint Fiacre (the irish patron saint of gardeners) will watch over my garden and see it grow.

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