tHe GAmE PlAn

For the past couple of months I have been working on so many aspects of my life. It’s like a whirling dervish in my mind with all the plans, challenges, break-throughs, and epiphanies! I decided about a week or more ago that I would make a game plan. I initially picked two areas that I wanted to concentrate on for the remainder of the year. The first two were finances and building my business. The third one I left to fate. I made a small pile of paper with an “aspect” I wanted to concentrate on. They were Urban Homesteading, simplicity/compact, fitness, and decorating. Fate picked Urban Homesteading.

I worked on finances game plan for the last couple of days. I now have all my debts listed, tracked and ready for the repayment plan. I have my first debt goal of having my SUV paid off by 12/31/2010. And in October, I will be opening an ING Direct account for my efund (starting small and building it up to $1,000). I revamped my monthly spending plan, created a bill paying procedure, and created a notebook with all my current debts in alphabetical order. I found the spreadsheet program on It’s Your Money website while trying to find a debt reducing program. One of the items on my game plan was to pick a financial system and implement it. I decided to go with Mary Hunt’s program as it fits what I want to do and frankly, it made sense to me. I am not feeling so vauge any more about what I owe. Now, it’s just paying it off!

The buisness building and urban homesteading are still in the planning stages so I will post on those later. I still have a few thoughts brewing in my head.  Such as, what challenge will I set for myself in September?? How am I going to make it to Tuesday…I feel like I haven’t had a paycheck for about six weeks when it has been about three! Anyway, I will let the thoughts brew and go from there.

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