The Bane of My Life

I swear there are days that I want to get one of those huge ass dumpster hauler things and throw everything I own into it.  UGH! My closet, it tortures me daily.
I have enough stuff to sustain all of my addictions (paper crafting, it’s an addiction!) for the next year. I have posty notes, stickers and pens aplenty but I am currently looking at a hoarder story waiting to happen.
I am not by nature a minimalist person.  I am an “oh shiny, I must have this” person. I have told you before, I shop like a drunken virgin sailor on his first shore leave. I even subscribe to people who send me more stuff. Washi tape, I got it.
I’ve been reading the weekly Tuesday column by the founder of Flow Magazine Astrid and her adventures into simplifying her life, space, and things. She is keeping it real my friends. She lives with her two sons whose lego collections are legendary and a boyfriend who has more shoes than she. I’ve enjoyed her insight into how she has to deal with “his collections” her constant need to “tidy up”.
My 52 Week List has come in handy but not as rewarding as it should be. And I am the culprit.  How many books on organizing do I really need. One or two at the most…I have eleven.  Let’s not talk about the washi tape “collection”. It’s become too much.
And having a illness on top of all the crap is taking me over the edge.
There are so many tips on de-cluttering, living simply, capsulizing your wardrobe, folding clothes that make you happy and I could go on but I would need a nap. Here’s the thing: I need to STOP! LIMIT! USE WHAT YA GOT! and KEEP CALM!
STOP! This first step is going to be the hardest. I’m going to have to stop the impulsive shopping. I shop when I am happy or sad or because I can or there’s a 50% coupon. It’s my addiction… and yes, there is a group for that.
LIMIT! At the beginning of the this past new year I was up to five online subscriptions with different paper companies. I finally made it down to two this past month. So, if new washi tape comes into the house, three I don’t use should be donated. (hehe, right?)
USE WHAT YA GOT! This has to be my new motto. Lissy, you really don’t need another planner…like ever.
KEEP CALM! Have we met?
(really, I don’t need another planner!)
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