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I have fallen in love…with my new wireless phone. It is like heaven for me. I was a Blackberry girl, but now it’s all Droid! I  inadvertently got a new cell phone through my new business. Basically, I was checking out the ordering features on my website and I signed up with Verizon. I really thought I would get denied (credit SUX!) but no. I now am the proud user of all things Droid. Touchscreen. It’s like having an iphone but totally different. And it syncs up with google. The best feature is the calendar. It is perfect for me and my scheduling. Also, I really like the messaging features. It groups all messages by sender. So you don’t have to jump over messages to see what you last sent someone. Actually, the really best part is that it was FREE!!! I will be phasing out the blackberry and using the Ally for the majority of my emails and messaging.

It is my precious!

(so not compact i know, but you will have to pry this  baby out of my cold dead hands!)

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