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It’s Money Monday. This is the day that I take care of all financial dealings in my life.  It was my goal to work on paying down my debt in 2010.  I really didn’t get very far on that goal. I did however take the time to review each bill and  list it.  I am two payments away from paying off the SUV and I am I feeling more confident that I will be able to get a jump start on the debt repayments next year. I have figured that with an average of 7.5 hours of OT a week, I could bring in about $400-$500 extra income to pay towards my bills.

Here is snapshot of my NetWorth, still in the red. And I am back to my weekly conference calls and writing down everything I spend. Found that if I keep my ATM card at home on days that I just don’t need it, I tend not to spend money on lattes, lunches or side trips home. It does seem to help a bit.

Among accountability each week, I would like to share a link. This week is It’s Your Money!, it is personal finance website with a whole bunch links to help with investing, spending, freedom accounts and debt trackers. Take a moment to look at what they have to offer.


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