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to YouTube!  That’s right, I am taking a big bold step into the world of vlogs! Well, not such a huge step. I have been a very slow participant on a collaboration with my BFF and her hubby over on Spoongeeks (yes, I owe a vid, I know!)

But, guys, look…I’m making my own vids on my planner obsession, err, setups.  I’m calling them Vlogtini’s…why, I have no idea. It just popped into my head and no one else seemed to be using the term so I went with it!

Below are my first two episodes! Take a look, subscribe and comment!


SpOOn GeEks

This months update is not an update at all….instead it is an introduction to a collaboration I am doing with my best friend and her husband.  It is called Spoon Geeks! Each week we bring a YouTube (see our Channel below) videos reviewing chronic illness, geeky fun and as much information we can find. The first and third Monday’s (Motivational Monday’s) are from SGN – it is a male perspective on all thing male related with dealing with a chronic illness.  The first & third Thursday are Thyroid Thursday with SGS – a journey through hyperthyroidism. Then on the second and fourth Friday it’s me {SGL} with Frainbogged Friday’s where I will share my journey with Fibromyalgia.  Please do visit our sites and gives us a like or two!!

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