Folder has monthly spending plan, plus a calendar for upcoming payments recurring payments or items to budgeted for over time)

I am coming up on month three on the cash envelopes system.  With a recent change in employment and preparing for the bankruptcy, my envelopes were bare this month. It was awesome to even have the resources available for the filing fee!! Even though it made the rest of the month pretty tight, the money was there when needed.

In my road to financial serenity, I have to work on my money clarity and not being vague about where my goes and where it comes from. I re-vamped my spending plan to allow for some adjustments to the envelopes, to allow for some savings, and budgeting smaller items as they arise. I am incorporating as many of the tips and tricks I find from my financial blogs I read and going to some old-fashioned ink & paper techniques that keep me focused on my money clarity.

Of course, any chance to make something using paper always makes me happy!! New envelopes are being made for categories I had not originally planned for, i.e. books and/or movies. The cash envelopes seem to be a every evolving system and seems to grow as you do.

What are you tips are tricks for budgeting??Do you have a pen and paper method of accounting for you bills?? Everything done online?? A mixture of both??

au revoir!