HiT tHe ROaD!

This month’s ReDesign project was probably the less challenging of all. Which is ok by me. I like it when projects are quick and easy!!  The travel items were condensed and I donated some old travel cases so I could put everything in my “new” Tiara travel case. I am very happy with the result.



I now have my application in process for my first ever passport (just need the photos and then I am done!). This week, I am checking out hotels for a first ever Bestie Weekend coming in the fall. I am very excited about that trip!! I am in the midst of planning a couple of trips for 2013…it’s time to go to places I always wanted visit…New Orleans! And I think a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth is needed too!

Bon Voyage!


June’s Re-Design Challenge is all about travel, from overnight stays to extended trips. My goal is to organize my travel items for weekend stays, complete an application for my very first passport and preparing for guests. As part of a five-year plan, I am planning a trip to Prague! It is never too early to plan so part of my to do list will include gathering information about my visit!

Check out my pin board for some really great travel ideas and places! Recommendations also on fitness while traveling, apps for your smart phone and dressing right while traveling!

These are my pics from my pin board. First is for those international travelers… a currency exchange app. I also highly recommend Google translate!

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A creative take on a travel notebook!

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And of course, traveling in comfort and style

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Bon Voyage!!