Thrift Shop Day

I love going to my local thrift hops (they are hops cuz I have like four within my community. As much as this spending freeze is liberating…I do miss my thifting.

image by lissy using RhonnaDesigns app

image by lissy using RhonnaDesigns app


Thrifting for Hobby Supplies

One of the things I that I love about thrifting is that when I pick up a hobby I can supply it with low-cost goods.  For example, I can pick up scrapbook paper, pens, stickers and other paper goods for less than a dollar. It allows the pocket-book to have room for the more expensive items that I would like to have.

This past week I was able to pick up an item for less than a 3rd of its original price. I was able to find a washi storage unit for $2.99 (it generally is around $20 at retail stores).

So, if you are looking to add to your supplies or pick up a new hobby…check the thrift store first. You may end up with more supplies than you think at a fraction of the cost.



I don’t mean to brag but…I AM THE DAMN BEST THRIFTER IN THE WORLD! I’d venture to say that each of us thrifters have a Holy Grail of sorts. Like finding a long-lost Van Gogh among the poorly kept picture frames.  Well, I had one.  Yes, had…CUZ I FOUND IT! Over the last few months I have purchased a couple of Filofax’s for my ever-growing planner obsession addiction, er, supply. I wanted to be one of those lucky ones that I kept reading on my support group, um, planner group page that found a dusty old planner at their thrift shop.

Well, I did it. I was at my local GW (aka Goodwill for those not in the know) and was digging around the office supply area. I truly mean, digging, and I caught a glimpse of a reddish binder….and then I saw the spine…and that all to familiar Filofax emblem…ZOMG!

I could not believe it! There is was! In my hands for $1.99! (less the usual 20% cuz I don’t pay full price at the thrift store). She is a bit worn around the edges (who isn’t these days) and she is mine.

It is a Cherry Personal size Classic edition. On the US Filofax fax website the retail is around $110.00 (yes, that is correct).

A: Photo showing the awesome price of $1.99

B: Photo showing logo and edition of Filofax

C: Since it had zero inserts, I used the Barnes & Noble Puncuate inserts (it comes with credit card holders & zipper pouch) and made the flyleaf with transparency film (also a GW find) and a piece of scrapbook paper for the cover

D: When I first got her home, I named her Scarlet but I found the dice charm at Joann’s and decided to name her Lucky (to remind myself how lucky I was to find her!)

PicMonkey Collage112113


I’m GonNA PoP TheSe TagS

This month I donated a lot of items I wasn’t using and decided that I ought to have a break from bringing in stuff…what? I am I crack?! What happened was…there was nothing this month! Zip, Zilch, NADA! {insert sad face} Not that my picker was broken but school is now out and the folks are all on vacation. Which means donations are down. It’s cool, I can save my dough for some future great finds!

I will be posting my hauls thrift store on my facebook page,  so be sure to visit and “Like” my page {you know the drill, clicky the linky —>}

So I must warn ya of the language but OMG, love this video by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis! For all us thrifters, junkers, pickers and dog robbing lovers, this is for you! If the embed does not work, try this link


What a glorious weekend it has been. I was given an impromptu paid half day off on Friday from work and was able to spend the afternoon with my mom going shopping! Found a juicer on sale for $40.00 and was able to get 20% off of that! Wheat grass shot anyone??!!

Yesterday Mom and I ran errands and then I went thrifting. I was able to find some items I had been looking for to redo my bedding. I will be sharing the end result with your this month. Brand new bed setting for under $50! Some thirfted, some found and some new. it’s looking spectacular!

Lots of fun things happening this month. St Patrick’s party, Hermione’s Fourth Birthday and Easter all happening. Can’t wait to blog all about it!

I decorated the seasonal tree with some bunnies, chickies and eggs…I love that Spring is just around the corner.

Seasonal tree for March

Seasonal tree for March

AmeRicAn ToUrIst

It is always a delight to find the ultimate item on a day of thrifting. I am always in such envy of those who can find “gold” in the thrift store haystack.  Recently, on an outing with my mom, I found a vintage American Tourister train case. WHAT A FIND! I did a bit of online research to make sure it was indeed vintage. From what I can tell, by the label, it is. It is ranging in price from $32 to $50 on sites like Etsy and Ebay.  It was marked $9.99 and was purchased for $4.98 (gotta love half off days!!) It has what I think is an attachable jewelry case and a tray. No tears in the plastic lining and not too beaten up. Just a couple of smudge marks but no scrapes!

I can’t wait to take this puppy on a visit somewhere!!!

Bon Voyage!

American Tourister “Tiara” Train Case


Every once in a while I need something…like a wine stopper. Or craft supplies. Whatever it is, I can generally find it at the thrift shop grab bags section. These are the bags with bits of odds and ends lumped together, small plastic animal toys. I have indeed found a wine stopper, glue sticks, and whatever I can’t use will usually wind up at the next thrift store. I generally keep an eye out for scrapbooking supplies, small items for the kitchen and quirky picture frames.

Take a look next time you visit a thrift shop…you never know what you will find.

au revoir!

Grap Bags

See what you can find at your local thrift shop!

ThRifTy DaZe

This past weeks declutter turned out pretty good. I only had less than 1 pound of trash to take out after I was done going through the shoe rack, closet and dresser. There are currently four bags of  donations waiting to take to a local thrift shop! After my last bit of donations from the kitchen challenge, I decided to list out and give a value to the items I am giving away.  Also, I am learning to take my items to a store I don’t visit very often. It’s a hoot when I am visiting GW and see something I gave to the store!

I am using Salvation Army’s on line list of donated good values. My total value for donated items from this weekend is $114.84

There was a 50% off day at GW this past weekend. I didn’t go but instead started a project list of items that either need to be cleaned, painted or re-purposed. It is my goal to show you the things I do with all my thrifty finds. May end up as Thrifty Daze Thursday!

I also ended up re-purposing a vintage frame to store my earrings. I now have a place for my earrings and it adds a bit of charm to my dresser. I used left over shelf liner from the Kitchen ReDesign and taped down the sides to the glass. I inserted it back into the vintage frame and set it on the dresser.  I think it works very nicely with the rest of my decor.

I apologize in advanced for the poor quality of the photos. I am a noob to this!

{Vintage Frame Earring Holder}


au revoir!



BeSt LaiD PlANs

I had some great posts all planned out in my blog content folder, but it just didn’t happen. The adrenal issue was strong this week and it was all I could do to get through work and then home to crash. My beautiful BFF was so sweet and picked up after me so I didn’t have to worry about cleaning this weekend.

I can only explain what this diagnosis feels like by comparing it to the Titanic. Yea, you are sailing along eating, drinking, merry-making and then SLAM! ICEBERG!! Outta nowhere comes the fatigue and the other various symptoms. You pretty much are left with gripping a lifeboat or drowning in a the abyss of Addison’s.

By grabbing a life boat, the changes will come slowly and eventually you will get picked up again by taking care of yourself, resting and doing things that add to your overall good health. I am now a vitamin taking, super green foods eating, converted healthy chick. I know my mom got a kick out of me FINALLY taking me vitamins!!

So the progress not only on the blog has decreased but also my 2012 ReDesign Challenge. My kitchen is still looking good but I have decided to do a bit of switch on the plans for my bedroom and my office. I will be placing the majority of the bedroom items into the office and then vice versa. I find that with the focus on making my envelopes, I really need some space for supplies and working. Since it just me at this juncture of my life, I really don’t need much in my bedroom. I am moving the bed and dresser into my smaller room. Leaving the “master” to be my home for JJDouglasPaperCo HQ!

So while I am waiting for my beautiful BFF -slash- temporary roommate to close on her house I am mainly going through closets, dressers and my desk supplies to weed out the items I can donate or trash. I also have some awesome finds that I will be sharing under separate posts. There a quite a few things that I can’t wait to show you. Like the ten-dollar sofa and the four-dollar side table that will now be the office sitting area.

Doing stuff in spurts and resting when I feel it’s necessary is making me feel productive and not such a lazy ass. This is my rebellion against what is going on and I know my priority is to rest! All I gots to say is, Thank goodness for FlyLady or my home would be in chaos.

With that said, I am off to do thirty minutes of timed declutter of my dresser…au revoir