In my previous post I mentioned that my Etsy story JJDouglasPaperCo was up and running again.  For more than one reason, I needed to get this store producing income to pay down a large tax bill and for me to carry through with something I have wanted to venture into for my future.

I want to work from home, in my jammies, with my dog at my feet!

As far as I can tell, I am a normal person, with no college education who makes a decent wage working for someone who gets to go on vacations more often than I do! It is a small step towards creating multiple streams of income.   First step, GOALS!

Do you have goals? You gotta have goals! I am not going to share all my secrets here but suffice to say I do have some good reading material to get me started. For my creative business, I’ve been working with the book Craft Inc Business Planner by Meg Mateo Llasco.  {Hehe, love planners!} Plus dozens of bloggers that I will highlight in the future with a linky love list later this month. My ultimate goal for my etsy store is to learn all I can about marketing/branding, customer service, dedication to a product and small business ownership.  Oh, and pay that damn tax bill.

Right now, the store has about 20 or so items of paper related items, craft supplies and planner related supplies. I have plenty of items stashed in my inventory box for at least ten new product listings each week.

So, check it out! You’ll love the customer service 😉



StEp AWaY FrOm ThE CrACk!

I am the first to admit that the internet and TV are my source of crack. I will spend countless hours watching fluff and pinning to my hearts content. I do this because I don’t have to deal with my current reality. Namely, working hard for a nameless bank where my I do is more important than my IQ and dealing with the fatigue issue that has seriously impeded many aspects of my life. Including growing a business.

JJDouglasPaperCo officially has had no sales, zero, nilch, nada. It is something that I am completely responsible for. I have plenty of down time to sit in front of a television because I am tired but there seems to be no energy for growing my business…what is up with that?!?

It is already the middle of the month and my goals for April have not been addressed. This month is for me to work on my branding and social media. Ummm…take a look at my Facebook page, see me making use of my social media?? Gah!

So what do to, what to do?!? First and foremost, my health is Priority One. However, being lazy is just an excuse. I am going to fall back on some good old fashioned time management skills…my kitchen timer. There is a lot that can be accomplished in thirty minutes. Whether it is cleaning, blogging, reading emails or listing completed projects on Etsy.

And for goodness sake woman, step away from the TV!

Any suggestions out there blog world?

Au revoir!

IT’s A BuSIneSs ThInG

In the copious amount of free time I have, I read blogs….dozens upon dozens of blogs. Again I say, I love Google. I use the Google reader to review all the various blogs. I add about two to three blogs to my reader each week. Yeah, the reader could average about two hundred new posts per day. Do I read every single post? Um, it depends. There are a few that I save for later, especially if it pertains to Etsy or green ideas. Some of the posts are mostly full of pictures which I do review and pin to Pinterest if it truly captures my eye.

This week I wanted to share the love with the small business blogs I review. Take a look at these gifted bloggers.

Handmadeology ~ the go to blog for all things pertaining to  small business crafters

The Boss of You ~ everything a woman should know about being your own boss

Everything Etsy – This sister site to Handmadeology, the title speaks for its self

Just Love.ly Things – Great resource for information on branding your business

design*sponge – The Biz Ladies section is valuable source of information about doing business on-line

Happy reading!!

au revoir