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Forget No Spend Month….it ends up being a challenge of “how much did I spend?” Month instead of a true No Spend. Truthfully, I love getting packages in the mail and to my dismay, I recently found Blitzy (don’t go there, or you’ll call me an enabler!)

I decided to shop at this awesome place called My Stash…it’s literally seconds from my desk…yep, it’s Use What Ya Got Month here at the Keep. I honestly have enough stickers, washi tape, stamps, and pens to supply at small nation (ok, a very small nation). Each day of August I will be posting a photo of a planner page or item I made using the items I already own. Caveat: I am still getting my Happie Scrappie & Cocoa Daisy items but they will not be included into my stash until September.

This is how you will know if I used what I own, it will have this convenient hashtag in the description #usewhatyougotaugust2015

You may also want to check out the YouTube from Raven Ink on the Suffocation of Stuff http://youtu.be/6bCNvMh4xMU

Search for @dragonflykeep on Instagram, it will link you up to my photo stream.

Not a sponsored post
This is not a sponsored post and all items mentioned were purchased or are through a subscription purchase.  Links provided are to help you find the product. They do not cost you additional and they help support my ass.

5 Simple Rules for a No Spend Challenge


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Hobbies are expensive, addicting and “OMG I JUST BOUGHT ANOTHER PLANNER!!”  My hobby for quite a few years was for a renaissance group which came with all sorts of expenses like camping equipment, fabric for clothes and fees for events.

Over the past year and a half, it’s been all about the planners or washi tape or stickers or stalking the Target dollar spot.  I’ve been to hardware stores and found things I can use in my planner!

So every once in a while, we need to give ourselves a spending break.  Many in the planner community call this a “No Spend” month.  Basically, you make a chart and ya don’t spend for thirty days! (WHAT!?)

I noticed that there aren’t any hard and fast rules for this challenge so I came up with five of my own.

The Rules

  1. Food and Shelter Only (that’s rent/mortgage, electric, gas, phone, & groceries)
  2. No Planner Related purchases. (No pens, paper, stickers, washi, ephemera, or crafty supplies)
  3. No purchased breakfast or lunches during work week (this is so I remember to make my healthy lunches and breakfast smoothies)
  4. No thrifted purchases of planner goods (clothing ok)
  5. Total amount spent during challenge must be multiplied by 7 and either tithed, saved or given to charity. (i.e. one purchase of $31.99 would be a tithe of $223.93 for me!) I figured that if I were to go on a freeze, then a consequence had to happen if I did spend.

Are you up for the challenge!?

SkiNNy PigGY

Oh sweet little golden piggy bank, how neglected you have been. I only given nothing but pennies to feed your little golden belly. For shame!

Yea, I haven’t been using my cash envelopes as I should be and the piggy is a little skinny these days.

I wish I could say I have become quite good at using the cash envelopes for their intent and purposes. However, it’s still pretty evident that if I have money in my pocket {or envelope}, I am going to spend it.  I am pretty sure I could out spend a drunken sailor on his first shore leave!

So I am back to the drawing board looking at new techniques for keeping those envelopes in place for their time of need. Such as, new tires or battery.  Kinda hard to pay for those things if the envelope has gone dry. Amirite?

So the question is, if a savings account doesn’t work and I am spending my “envelopes” on things they are not intended for…what is my solution??  How do you save?

Clipart by Picsburg - http://free.clipartof.com/

Clipart by Picsburg – http://free.clipartof.com/