Summer Projects

Summer projects have been started these last few days. Much mapping out of plans and making lists as per usual. I wanted to take some time over the next few months to work on a couple of home projects, play around with the One Little Word prompts and take some quality time of other creative ambitions.

First up is The Great Closet Purge of 2018. We are rounding on five and a half years at our home, It’s time for me to purge the contents of my walk-in closet. Its like all the things I have accumulated have used my closet as a final resting place. It is out of control.  I still maintain a capsule wardrobe with no more than forty-four vestments in my closet. However, I also use the space as a storage spot, a shipping/packing area for my direct sales business and attire for a renaissance group I belong to.

The space could really use a kon-mari weekend. The goal is to remove all the overgrowth of stuff, streamline my shipping needs and get rid of stuff that no longer serves a purpose. My ultimate goal is to sell what I can, donate the rest and enjoy the results.

Next up is the kitchen  – time to lay down fresh shelf lining, weed out the unused items and get the old out and refresh with the new. I am the logistics manger for this family task. With years of daily use the self lining has seen better days and we could use a bit more organization in spots within the cupboards.

I figure one cupboard a weekend will keep us in line to get this done throughout the summer. All of us here deal with health issues and there is no good reason for us to try to get this done all in one weekend. Slow and steady turtle pace for us Chronics.

As for my creative ambitions, I will be using my copious free time to do some painting and work on the One Little Word prompts for the summer season. I won’t lie, June didn’t happen for my journaling endeavors and I am already into July. Eeps.

I have been thoroughly enjoying a crazy new world of 3D painting. Click here for a more informative video cuz I may not have all the right words to explain. I’m not a person who enjoys creative projects that take too much time (i.e. traditional embroidery). I enjoy projects that are very quick and very easy.  Instant gratification basically.

I’m ready to enjoy a productive summer and could really use a sweet tea right now.

Summer Projects

photo by unsplash


Happy New Year

Seriously, five minutes ago it was Halloween!
Welcome 2016!

It’s a gonna be a great year.

Among the online community of instagrammers and bloggers, there is a challenge called One Little Word. This word can be something you would like to improve about yourself, say like Faith. Or maybe it’s an aspect about yourself that you need work on.
For 2015 my word was Enough. I am enough, I have enough, and so on. I spent the latter portion of the year thinking of my word. I picked out five possible words and blindly picked Accountability out of my choices.
I took out the old dusty book called a dictionary (book, the things with paper stuck between two heavy pieces of board) and broke down what Accountability will mean for me in 2016
  1. Responsibility: duty bound by course of action. If you say your going to do it Lissy, be duty bound to finish it.
  2. Answerability: being called to account. For me, this is about Faith. To be answerable to my actions.
  3. Trustworthiness: Worthy of trust and confidence.  You secrets are safe with me, I tend to forget things.
  4. Liability: Legally bound to a debt of obligation.  Yet another lesson to learn.
Now, my mission in 2016 is to work on the Accountability of my life, faith, finances and so much more.
So, I’m putting you on the spot! What word would you choose?
Loveya, kisses, byebye