In sight of what happened in Boston this week, my preparedness bug hit RED ALERT! I am thankful to the law enforcement agents for the capture of the bomber. To the citizens of Boston and the survivors, as always, you have shown the world how resilient we can be.

As an American, I live in relative safety and don’t have to worry about going to the local market and having a bomb go off. This week showed us how quickly and swiftly our “safe” society can crumble. Now, more than ever, it just feels right to be as prepared for anything!

I am ticking off the items from the Six Sisters 72 hours kit once again this month. There wasn’t a whole bunch to put in our box. A spot of cash for the emergencies, some toilet paper (ya, kinda of a big deal even in emergencies), some soap and something to whittle away the hours when the WorldWideWeb ceases to work. I added playing cards but will be on the look out for cheap crossword or word search books.


Source: Library of Congress



Another month of items purchased for the 72 hour kit. I was pretty lucky to have a couple of items on hand and purchase another at the thrift shop. You can find this list I am using here at SixSistersStuff.

1). a couple of cans of tuna (added Spam as well, it was on sale and I had a coupon)
2). Manual can opener (found at the thrift shop!)
3). Roll of paper towels
4). Emergency blankets (these were part of a camping kit I had previously put together, no purchase required!)


HuRRicaNe mOnKey

They say it never hurts to be prepared. As a former resident of quaky California, I should know. In light of the recent hurricane’s, freezing weather and (let’s admit) government shenanigans, I am embracing  preparedness in the new year. I have a board on Pinterest full of ideas.

So, if you are preparing for Zombies or bad weather, give these two sites a look over.  I will be utilizing both for my 72 hour preparedness project. The first site, Six Sisters Stuff,  has a great three page weekly checklist for adding items to your bug out bag, checking the fire detectors and is perfect for starting small with little amount of money.  In Bowl Full of Lemons, she does wonderful things with binders, which I love about her site.  It’s an eight week blog series on preparing you and your home. It is currently running but you can start anytime.

I know that living in Arizona, that past couple of years have had some strange weather happening. We have dust storms, called haboob‘s, the last earthquake was over a hundred years ago, and we have an occasional decades long drought.  Thing is, it doesn’t matter where you live, ultimately you only have yourself to blame if you are not ready.

k, love ya, buh bye