My Favorite Planner {this month}

Over the past couple of years I have been apart of a wonderful Instagram community of Planner Fanatics…uh, addicts, I mean…collectors, yes, collectors.  Ok, let me begin by saying what a Planner -Girl -Nerd -Addict is.  It is a person that enjoys to the use of paper planning either in a minimalistic or super glam way.  These said persons will stop at every discount store, Target, dollar store and craft store for stickymemos and washi tape.

I am one of those people! I have thousands of yards of washi tape, a rather small collection of Filofax’s, a Kikki-k, an Erin Condren, The Happy Planner by MeandMyBigIdeas, Midori’s Travelers Notebook and a couple of Hobonichi’s.  Do I use them all? Well, one is for home, another I carry around and one is social media…truth, I’m Lissy and I am a planner addict.  

Along with this addiction is a growing group of entrepreneurs that sell binders, stickers, dash-boards, paperclips…srsly, if it can go in a planner…I’m sure to find someone to make it. 

So here is my layout for July in my hobonichi Avec…it’s my planner for the month.  It’s part of a challenge to have your life all in one system. The basics, one pen and one book.  It’s taught me that I need two working planners in order to have a system that works for my needs. I honestly thought I would not make it through the month just using one planner but this little guy has proven me wrong.

It’s decorated with stamps from MommeyLhey’s collections…so much fun


Pssst…all done

So what do you think of my bright new changes???!!  I hope you find it less fussy and cluttered as I do. There are some many changes and updates that have to happen but I am glad it didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I worked on the YouTube channel so everything is matchy-matchy.  Also, the Facebook page received an update as well…whew! A bloggers work is never done.  If there is something not working or you have any suggestions, please leave your comments.

OMG! I almost forgot…check this out! I have been picked to be a part of the Design Team for MommyLhey stamps. Take a moment and check it out!  I’ll be posting projects and the such here and as well as Instagram, so be sure to subscribe!


Check it all out at

Check it all out at

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to YouTube!  That’s right, I am taking a big bold step into the world of vlogs! Well, not such a huge step. I have been a very slow participant on a collaboration with my BFF and her hubby over on Spoongeeks (yes, I owe a vid, I know!)

But, guys, look…I’m making my own vids on my planner obsession, err, setups.  I’m calling them Vlogtini’s…why, I have no idea. It just popped into my head and no one else seemed to be using the term so I went with it!

Below are my first two episodes! Take a look, subscribe and comment!