ToOls I USe

One of the best things to hit the interwebs…ever! Pinterest! Yep, I am one in the millions of avid pinners who can spend countless hours pinning to my hearts content. However, it has become a valuable asset in my thrifting, tag sale and antique mall shopping adventures. I specifically have a board that is dedicated to pins that showcase what I look for when I shop. My favorites are enamel ware, industrial items, vintage ephemera, vintage office supplies, terra-cotta pots, and vintage linens.

Vintage Office Supplies – Guidoneetsy storefront

Be GoNE!

I am an avid thrifter and the one thing I complain about the most is the damn stickers they put on the merchandise! Not just thrift store, but just in general. I have passed up plenty of good “trash” just because of those damn stickers.

I came across this pin and thought I would give it a try. I have used the goo gone products for the stickers but I do have a concern on what is in it and quite frankly, the stuff is nasty. Get’s all over everything! This mixture is quite simple, one part coconut oil to one part baking soda. (I used one tablespoon). It’s gritty and does have to sit for a good five minutes. I have to endorse this one, it worked really well on a transfer-ware plate I found while at GW. The sticker didn’t slide off, it still took some patience. Once removed the gritty baking soda worked on the residue and it came out clean after a good rinse in hot water. I have a few other finds I am going to try this one but I am impressed. You can find the original post here.

IT DePt of RedWood HoMeSTeaD

Last year I started the “Gotta Try This” board on Pinterest. It was fodder to get me to write about my hits and misses with DIY’s and such. I totally had this month’s planned out but it has to wait to next month.

Instead, get out your iPhones and take a gander at this post I found. If the pin link does not work, you and find the article here.

I highly recommend the Gmail download and the Apps Gone Free download. It’s about as addicting as Angry Birds Star Wars!!!


dis is hermiones

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hooman also mades me a pinterest boards full of stuff for me!

looks at comfy beds!







Source: via Alyssa on Pinterest





DaWn, thE MiRacLe ClEaNer

In the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the heroine’s father uses window cleaner to cure all his ails. You have a rash, window cleaner. I have come to believe that Dawn dish soap is the cleaning cure all. I found the pin below and thought I would give it a try.  Wowzers! I fully endorse. It’s not as harsh as using something like Kaboom! bathroom cleaner (which I think should require a gas mask to use!). It cleaned the scum and removed the water spots from the metal hardware. I mixed mine up with cleaning grade vinegar I found at WallyWorld (WalMart).

bye for now!

GotTa TrY ThIs

Pinterest has become one of my most favorite things in the whole wide world! I have a plethora of boards for decorating, altered art, cleaning, foods, style and most recently I added Gotta Try This. There are a gazillion DIY pins that I weed through and every so often one catches my eye. I thought this would be a perfect forum to check these out for myself and report back on how it worked for me.

So, welcome to my new monthly series, GOTTA TRY THIS! Beginning in September, the last Thursday of each month will feature a pin that I have tried out. Hope you enjoy and you can follow my pins here.

Here is the original pin. It was a DIY using cigar boxes as storage.


Source: via Alyssa on Pinterest


Instead of using drawer pulls I used Martha Stewart Home Office™with Avery™Adhesive Metal Bookplate to categorize the items in the boxes. I like the eclectic look the cigar boxes give my studio. They are generally free at local smoke shops and I plan on getting more for storage in the future. I am starting to see them at the thrift shops but will only buy them if they are on a $! color tag day since I don’t want to spend more than a dollar if I have to.

bye for now


It’s been a while since I posted on my finances. I have moved onto a new job and for the most part is going well. The suck is losing 10.5 hours out of my last paycheck due to sickness and a 341 hearing for my bk. Thankfully, it did not affect my overall budget! It took a bite out of what I call my “spending money”. Essentially, all the bills were covered and I still have enough set aside for an upcoming haircut.

I still keep a lookout for blogs that have some great money ideas. I came across The Nest Effect on Pinterest recently. She has posted her reflections on using cash envelopes and has created a spreadsheet system that follows the principles that Dave Ramsey mentions in his book. Check it out!! She sells some of her spreadsheets on Etsy and has many free printables!!!

au revoir!

BeTTer laTe

THAN NEVER!!! I know, I’m a bad blogger! I have not posted in a couple of weeks!!!

I have been spending some quality time with my mom as she is now staying with me for a couple of months. My sister and her decided to move up to my neck of the woods in hope of a better job situation for my sister. I am loving every minute. I am feeling super blessed to have them so near again!

This month I am concentrating on one small area for my monthly re-design project. Craft closet! I am not even going to show a before picture, it’s horrid..seriously..ok, but it’s a mess!!

There are dozens of leftover projects, supplies for hobbies no longer being used, and scrapbooking paraphernalia galore! It just needs a good old fashioned cleaning, sorting, donation and trashing!

Check here to see some great craft room, supplies…you name it, I probably pinned it!

au revoir!


June’s Re-Design Challenge is all about travel, from overnight stays to extended trips. My goal is to organize my travel items for weekend stays, complete an application for my very first passport and preparing for guests. As part of a five-year plan, I am planning a trip to Prague! It is never too early to plan so part of my to do list will include gathering information about my visit!

Check out my pin board for some really great travel ideas and places! Recommendations also on fitness while traveling, apps for your smart phone and dressing right while traveling!

These are my pics from my pin board. First is for those international travelers… a currency exchange app. I also highly recommend Google translate!

Source: via Alyssa on Pinterest

A creative take on a travel notebook!

Source: via Alyssa on Pinterest

And of course, traveling in comfort and style

Source: via Alyssa on Pinterest

Bon Voyage!!