Is it cold in Here?

Are you ready? Today starts the Spending Freeze challenge!!! Meals are prepped, all income for pay periods are accounted for and my cash flow is to zero. Let’s get this party started!

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We. Can. Do. This.

#DFKFreeze2016 #31dayslwsz

#DFKFreeze2016 #31dayslwsz

My Do’s and Don’t for This Month

Do –

  1. Cash Flow Budget Loaded into Everydollar
  2. Since I am not participating with the “Eat Only From Your Pantry”, I will be menu planning my breakfast and lunches. Due to my family situation, groceries are part of my cash flow and I do not consider that spending, it’s a budgeted item
  3. Consider this a game, the goal is to save at least $100 to add to my emergency fund.
  4. Have fun.
  5. Use what you got.


  1. Don’t give in to deprivation thinking. This will make you spend.
  2. If you are stressed, go for a walk
  3. You can shop, you just can’t spend.
  4. Keep a daily log if you need to see what you may have spent that day.
  5. Don’t use sink funds to pay other items.

Here we go!

5 Simple Rules for a No Spend Challenge


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Hobbies are expensive, addicting and “OMG I JUST BOUGHT ANOTHER PLANNER!!”  My hobby for quite a few years was for a renaissance group which came with all sorts of expenses like camping equipment, fabric for clothes and fees for events.

Over the past year and a half, it’s been all about the planners or washi tape or stickers or stalking the Target dollar spot.  I’ve been to hardware stores and found things I can use in my planner!

So every once in a while, we need to give ourselves a spending break.  Many in the planner community call this a “No Spend” month.  Basically, you make a chart and ya don’t spend for thirty days! (WHAT!?)

I noticed that there aren’t any hard and fast rules for this challenge so I came up with five of my own.

The Rules

  1. Food and Shelter Only (that’s rent/mortgage, electric, gas, phone, & groceries)
  2. No Planner Related purchases. (No pens, paper, stickers, washi, ephemera, or crafty supplies)
  3. No purchased breakfast or lunches during work week (this is so I remember to make my healthy lunches and breakfast smoothies)
  4. No thrifted purchases of planner goods (clothing ok)
  5. Total amount spent during challenge must be multiplied by 7 and either tithed, saved or given to charity. (i.e. one purchase of $31.99 would be a tithe of $223.93 for me!) I figured that if I were to go on a freeze, then a consequence had to happen if I did spend.

Are you up for the challenge!?

nO SpEnD SuNDay

Whose up for a new year challenge?? I am! One small challenge to start off the new year. For the next twelve months I will have a No Spend Sunday.  WHAT?


Yea, Sunday is a day of rest…from everything! (well, except blogging in bed!). This now needs to include no spending (see rules below).  I have found that my Sunday needs to be as relaxing as one can get. No laundry, re-arranging furniture or landscaping the back yard. It’s for resting, blogging and planning my week in my thrifted Filofax! Art journaling or reading.  Or watching movies with mom!!

So what are the rules??

  1. In emergency only, basic food items can be bought (milk, cream, lunch or Chinese Food dinner)
  2. No internet purchases i.e. Etsy, Pick Your Plum or Amazon!
  3. No thrifting

That’s it. Nothing more than that. Told you, it’s just a small challenge to start the new year.

What challenge did you give yourself this January??