Turning the Page to Another Story

I have begun to believe that my blog has become stale, predictable and maybe for a few, not relatable. I haven’t felt the excitement to write. Ideas (or aka The Muse) seems to be taking a smoke break. It’s my job to inspire, reach your core and (if successful) make you laugh. Am I doing that with my money inspired posts?

Going through the Kon Mari Method recently has really “sparked” a need to purge all the areas of my life. This month, I was going to write about my Spending Freeze but I just wasn’t in the mood to go through it again. I mean, I have no problem re-hashing ideas – improve upon them, switch things up a bit. Realistically, this blog is not a frugal, money saving fest for the masses.  It’s about a petite, quirky redhead who struggles to keep up with all the hares of the world while living a turtle pace life.  (run on sentence much?).

I have already confessed to you in the blog about my addiction to money (yes, there is a program for that) so I have decided that this is my last in Money Monday posts. It’s time to turn over a new leaf, umm, turn a page, ahhhh hell – just move on!

Do not hesitate in the moving forward business – opportunities will pass your a$$ up!


I’m Crazy…

Now some of you will immediately have Patsy Cline enter your brain waves crooning ever so beautifully “I’m Crazy”. If you don’t who Patsy Cline is…then shame on you, shame on your family, shame on your cow.

Really what I’m trying to reference is the Albert Einstein quote for Insanity “doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” I totally could be the poster child for this campaign. As I delve into setting goals, I am searching and reviewing patterns that I have created for myself. A couple of really BIG issues have come out of my in-depth review that I’m having a hard time admitting to myself. You may have already known these about me but until I admit to myself – speaking to me about these issues would’ve been pointless.

Ok, here we go…Truth No 1 about me and money.  I never fully commit! There I said it. (and yes, I know, it goes into every area of my life!). I can speak all day about Dave Ramsey, cash flows and cash envelopes…but none of it will work for me if I’m not admitting that I’m fully committed to it.  Why do I still over spend…DEBIT CARD. My very own kryptonite.

Truth No 2 – I rob Peter to pay Paul. Every chance I get. This is the practice of let’s say, taking money from Emergency savings to purchase a luxury items or to have fun money. Money specifically set to aside for one purpose but used for other “non-essential” items. It is a bad habit.

With that being said, my goals for 2017 will be “How do I effectively change these habits” and “how will I track it?”

Hold on dear friend, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Money Truths

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Up For a Challenge?


Forget No Spend Month….it ends up being a challenge of “how much did I spend?” Month instead of a true No Spend. Truthfully, I love getting packages in the mail and to my dismay, I recently found Blitzy (don’t go there, or you’ll call me an enabler!)

I decided to shop at this awesome place called My Stash…it’s literally seconds from my desk…yep, it’s Use What Ya Got Month here at the Keep. I honestly have enough stickers, washi tape, stamps, and pens to supply at small nation (ok, a very small nation). Each day of August I will be posting a photo of a planner page or item I made using the items I already own. Caveat: I am still getting my Happie Scrappie & Cocoa Daisy items but they will not be included into my stash until September.

This is how you will know if I used what I own, it will have this convenient hashtag in the description #usewhatyougotaugust2015

You may also want to check out the YouTube from Raven Ink on the Suffocation of Stuff http://youtu.be/6bCNvMh4xMU

Search for @dragonflykeep on Instagram, it will link you up to my photo stream.

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This is not a sponsored post and all items mentioned were purchased or are through a subscription purchase.  Links provided are to help you find the product. They do not cost you additional and they help support my ass.

Shake Your Money Tree

Habits. Either I working on creating new ones, or deleting old ones. It’s a never ending train ride to disappointment for me. I’m good for the first seven to ten days…then I’m done. I’ve either lost interest, had a bump in my road {aka sick or such} or its “too hard” {be sure to read that last part in a classic childish whine!}

What if you had to change your habits to save yourself, your family or your home? I’ve been brought up with the core teachings of “first things first”. Which means anything that keeps you alive & in a home gets paid first ~ rent, utilities, food. After that, obligations to others {debts, pets & such} get paid and if there is anything left over…it’s FUN money!

I have $4 in my emergency savings, by the end of this month I will have $40. With using the 52 Week Savings Challenge, (check online, there are quite a few printables). I should have $253.00 in emergency savings!! Using Dave Ramsey as a reference, this is the first baby step, $1000 in savings! It could be used to help move me, medical procedures or bailing my bff out of jail! {It could happen}

Here’s where I’ve messed up with my emergency savings….debit card. Access to instant money when the good ole slush fund is dried up! That card, it’s been destroyed, and the number removed from my online shopping accounts like PayPal and Amazon. I’ve set up the account to be transferable to a local bank account for those “emergencies” should they arrive. It may take a couple of days so it better be a real emergency.

I need leaves on my money tree, ya know!

A WeApoN oF MaSSiVe CoNSumPtIoN

I suffer from a  well-known social disorder called Stufitis. Dave Ramsey’s book Financial Peace came in this week from Amazon*. I bought it used because the library had a three-month wait! I read the whole thing in one day. The chapters were short and highly informative. With the BK looming closer and closer, I have to make some changes. In the past, I was using some of the techniques I found with Mary Hunt’s Debt Proof Living. Many of the concepts are the same. She has a Rapid Debt Reduction plan and he has the Snowball Effect. Both recommend an emergency fund and both say STOP SPENDING!

I am so damn materialistic…heck it even shows up in my Zodiac sign, Taurus and in my Chinese zodiac sign Metal Pig! Double whammy! Sadly, this disorder is more than something to kid about. It is an addiction. I have $6.00 in savings, minimal retirement and about a paycheck away from being on the streets. Dealing with money has always been an issue for me. My addiction feeds into my insecurity of wanting to be like my friends, having enough and wanting more.

As I clear the Fog of Vagueness away from my finances, I begin to see the destruction this disease has caused in my life. I won’t lie, I LOVE TO SHOP! But damn, it is costing me my life.

Dave’s book talks about baby steps. I love this concept. My personality often tends to go overboard and tries to devour all knowledge at once. With these steps, I have a clear plan for my financial present and future. Over the course of this week I will be completing a review of my budget and will create my cash spending envelopes. Payday is this week so I will be able to get this new plan rolled out and ready for next payday.

Baby Steps. Yep, Baby Steps!

I leave you with one of my favorite Lily Allen songs (it has explicit lyrics) called The Fear

{*Amazon has a trade-in program where you can send in your old books and are given a trade in value. This value is put on a “card” for you that can be applied to future purchases. I was able to get my book for $3.11, that was the book and shipping. Check it out!!}

au revoir!