Shake Your Money Tree

Habits. Either I working on creating new ones, or deleting old ones. It’s a never ending train ride to disappointment for me. I’m good for the first seven to ten days…then I’m done. I’ve either lost interest, had a bump in my road {aka sick or such} or its “too hard” {be sure to read that last part in a classic childish whine!}

What if you had to change your habits to save yourself, your family or your home? I’ve been brought up with the core teachings of “first things first”. Which means anything that keeps you alive & in a home gets paid first ~ rent, utilities, food. After that, obligations to others {debts, pets & such} get paid and if there is anything left over…it’s FUN money!

I have $4 in my emergency savings, by the end of this month I will have $40. With using the 52 Week Savings Challenge, (check online, there are quite a few printables). I should have $253.00 in emergency savings!! Using Dave Ramsey as a reference, this is the first baby step, $1000 in savings! It could be used to help move me, medical procedures or bailing my bff out of jail! {It could happen}

Here’s where I’ve messed up with my emergency savings….debit card. Access to instant money when the good ole slush fund is dried up! That card, it’s been destroyed, and the number removed from my online shopping accounts like PayPal and Amazon. I’ve set up the account to be transferable to a local bank account for those “emergencies” should they arrive. It may take a couple of days so it better be a real emergency.

I need leaves on my money tree, ya know!

GoT A bUcK?

Over the next six months I am going to be working my budgeting and paperwork. In this move, I have learned that I can be organized! I just could use a bit of streamlining of my systems. I came cross a blog that I feel carries a bit of the Dave Ramsey philosophy. Her take is just not having two or three accounts but SEVEN {you can check her out here}. After reading her article, I have to reduce it down to six…cuz I ain’t married!

I said no resolutions for 2013, but I know this is one area that could use some “refining”.

Next month I will share about the Emergency Fund.


k, love ya, buh bye!





GimMie ThE CaSh

I have incorporated the cash envelopes for a couple of months now. I would say that this month was the best I have done thus far. Meaning? I didn’t take the cash to spend it one something it was not intended for!!!

I am a drunken sailor when it comes to have any bit of extra cash…even if it is just a dollar, I will find something to purchase. It feels like a monumental accomplishment to have something left over at the end of the month. This is one baby step I am happy to get to.

Observations from this challenge. Leave room for adjustments. Leave the envelopes at home. Again, leave the envelopes at home. I think that worked the best for me. I was able to save the cash for the specific reason it was set aside for. Also, it will allow me to set aside the money for upcoming obligations i.e. car registration. This contribution to the savings account makes me very happy.

I will check in again at the end of May to see I did with the next installment. Here’s an inspiring article on using cash envelopes.¬†

au revoir!

ThE FiNer PrInT

Baby steps, it’s all about the baby steps. I have my new and highly improved spending plan completed. I utilized the budget forms found on Dave Ramsey’s site. I re-vamped my personal spending plan to include the envelope system for items like hair cuts, clothes and dining out. I have it to the penny on each pay period. Granted, the figures are based on a basic, non over-time paycheck.

I also made new cash envelopes from a printable I found through Pinterest.  Check out this site for the download. I made them using my papers on hand. Printed out a nice font and glued the label unto the envelope. These fit perfect into a little clutch I carry in my purse.

Payday is just a couple days away. This new budget will be put to the test!!

au revoir