Is there a Superhero of Budgets?

2015 seems to be my year to get my ass stuff in order and that includes working in my finances. Along with the release of my crap, er hoard. I am also releasing my spending habits as well. This is not news and certainly not a new topic. Just a new strategy.

I did some pre-work in the fall of 2014, setting up a new budget, emergency savings and annual expenses savings. For this, I used the templates from A Bowl Full of Lemons (2015 Budget Printable). Her kit can be downloadable and is geared to making goals and covers income, debts and expenses. I didn’t use all the sheets she provided, I had already set up my own income sheet but I updated my accounts, debts and goals.

To achieve my 2015 savings goal, I will be using the 52 week savings plan.  Pinterest is full of printables for this!!  Since I am paid bi-weekly, I added the amount needed per pay period in my budget. I also set a monitor for the goal directly linked to my savings account. Once that is fully funded, I will work on the next step. My “steps” are loosely based on the Dave Ramsey and Mary Hunts Debt Proof Living.

So what, Lissy…what’s so new about this strategy? Well, life is a constant change and as with everything in life, if you don’t learn to bend, you’ll end up broken.  As I have said before, I am a drunken sailor on his first shore leave when it comes to spending money. With Dave’s budgeting philosophy, every dollar as a purpose and is accounted for. That gives me a set budget for car expenses, thrift shopping, savings, and annual expenses…what a wonderful feeling that is.

I am looking forward to sharing what I am changing, keeping, and developing of the course of the year…hope you join in on the fun.