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Over the past couple of months I have been participating in a revolution. Yes, I am a revolutionist…of snail mail. You know, letters. Not junk mail or bills but letters. Forget¬† emails people, they are so 90’s. It’s all about the hand-lettered, decorative envelopes with a little letter of getting to know you enclosed. I found an awesome community of pen pals via Instagram and through the wonderful ladies at the Letter Writers Alliance.

If I had to choose one particular person who personifies the elegance of handwritten goodness, it would have to be Rin at PaperedThoughts. I am happy to say that I am going to be a part of her && A Happy New Year – A Letter Exchange Project.¬† So excited!! Photos will posted when my recipient has received her letter. I don’t want to ruin the goodness for her!!

Keep your eyes out for my instagram photos of my incoming and outgoing snail mail

Join the revolution!

PhotoSource: kenjabruch

PhotoSource: kenjabruch