A NoN-CoOks KiTcHen

The kitchen challenge is a success! I spent most of Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning working on the project. Since I rent, I was not able to change the cabinets. I am allowed to paint walls but that is a project for a different day. I had set up zones last year for the kitchen, which made this years de-clutter even easier. My objective was to clean, de-clutter and organize. After the photos is a list of the amount of clutter removed {in pounds} and the number of items donated. Along with the budget spent and what I used to clean. I did purchase some items for the fridge but the rest was re-purposed from items I already had in the kitchen. Enjoy the slide show!

{The furry helper who keeps showing up is my cat Isabeau}

It was a productive weekend. And that means that today, I relax!

Stats for 2012 ReDesign Challenge, Kitchen

Pounds of Clutter Removed: 41.5#

Number of items donated: 18

Cleaner Used: Warm Soapy Water and Mrs. Myers All Purpose Cleaner

Budget: Two red boxes @ $5.99 {Target}, One Ice Cube box @ $3.99 {Target}, Two Dish Racks @ $2.99 {Goodwill}, and 2 rolls of Red shelf liner @ $4.47 {Walmart}, total $20.44 {.44 over budget}

MuStArd & KetCHuP

Those are the colors of my kitchen. Inspired by two kitchen items I received over the years. Mustard from the Martha Stewart mixing bowls I received as a present years ago from my mom. Ketchup from an adorable red tea-pot I have (and quite frankly, don’t remember where it came from). I am not changing that theme, but I am going to clear out the stuff I don’t need and refine the zones.

Since I was blessed by not having to work OT this weekend, I am going hog-wild in the kitchen…and I ain’t cooking!

I created a board on Pinterest called A Non-Cook’s Kitchen that has some inspiration ideas for me. Below is the few pictures I am using for today’s clean and de-clutter.

So now I am off to take photo’s of the apartment for all the before shots. THEN! I clean the kitchen. Stay tuned…the first kitchen post is coming soon!

au revoir!