Sometimes, there are not too many great finds from the weekly jaunt to the thrift store. I picked up a few trinkets here and there but nothing like finding a Van Gogh this month.

I did however take care of a project that needed some updating! My beside table was looking, well, dull! Since I decided to get bold with the new duvet, the table was fading into the background.  I am sad to say that I totally forgot to take before photos but I hope you like the after!  I used semi-gloss black paint from Ace’s Clark + Kensington line and spray painted the original handle gold. The mirror, elephant and lamp are all thrifted items I have found over the past year. Very happy with how it turned out!


DoiNg It YoUrSelF

I headed over to Ace Hardware this past weekend to get my free quart of Clark+Kensington flat enamel paint. I picked the color Milky Way for a future project that I have for the home office.  As I wait rather impatiently for my Sunday paper to be delivered, I went through all my supplies in my tool box. For some reason, I have four sets of Allen wrenches (good for those of us that purchase items from Ikea), three sets of screw drivers, various washers, and tools I have no idea what they do.

Smaller tool box for home maintenance and larger one for DIY items

All the various items I have accumulated over the last few years

I recently found a Sears Craftsman metal tool box at the thrift shop for about $6.99 which I have deemed the DIY tool box. I cleaned it up and added the following items to have for all my DIY projects:

  • One set of screwdrivers
  • Allen wrench
  • box cutter
  • Hammer
  • picture hanging kit and various sized nails
  • putty knives
  • level
  • cork pads
  • paint brushes
  • paint can key

The household tool box will have the following:

  • hammer
  • Allen wrench
  • screwdrivers
  • wrench set
  • pipe cutter
  • putty guides
  • box cutter
  • wire cutters
  • molly screws
  • crow bar*
  • sledge hammer*

*these will live outside the tool box since they are large items

I pretty much have what I need to do small maintenance for the apartment and get a good start on my DIY projects. Nothing says empowered like a girl with tools!

au revoir!