MaDe In THe USA!

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August has two challenges for me!! First is re-designing the patio and outdoor storage area. With the haboobs and monsoons this summer, the patio is looking pretty dingy. Not to mention, over run with spiders {this is where I am going to test out the pin I found getting rid the earth octopuses!} Plus, I hastily stored items from my anachronistic days and they need to be stored correctly with cedar blocks and such. Don’t want to lose such beautiful clothes to nasty ass bugs!

Have you heard about the Made In America Series on ABC World News?? {Click here} It shows us how it is possible to purchase items made here in our country! Showcasing companies and individuals who supply everything to clothing and furniture. ABC’s link also shows an interactive map of where to purchase many items used in our homes. So, I am pledging to purchase only items made in the USA this month – August 1st to September 1st –

Rules are simple and apply to new purchases (i.e. food, clothing) and thrift shop finds. I will post pictures at the end of the challenge to show you what I found.

Hope you join me in supporting our country and our economy by purchasing items made only in USA!
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8/5/2012 – I decided that since the object of thrift shops is to benefit local charities, the rule of buying foreign does not apply. But strongly encouraged – lyssa

PiN CuRls & GyPsiES

After spending a part of my evening watching a re-run of Design Star season finale and an episode of Junk Gypsies I had yet to see, I felt inspired…to take a shower!

I do my best plotting, er, planning in the shower! Once my pin curls were set I was off to organize my craft closet! I had two main goals for this particular purge. One was to have an area to store the winter blankets and to store my laundry basket.

As you can see from the before picture, it was stuffed full. I purged, a lot. By the end of it I had 5 pounds worth of trash, one full paper recycling bin, and 5 bags for donations. I cleared out old paperwork from my past hobby, projects that I haven’t touched since 2007 and was left with a pretty, clean closet!

This was the only goal for July…it’s too hot to do anything outside!!

au revoir!

BeTTer laTe

THAN NEVER!!! I know, I’m a bad blogger! I have not posted in a couple of weeks!!!

I have been spending some quality time with my mom as she is now staying with me for a couple of months. My sister and her decided to move up to my neck of the woods in hope of a better job situation for my sister. I am loving every minute. I am feeling super blessed to have them so near again!

This month I am concentrating on one small area for my monthly re-design project. Craft closet! I am not even going to show a before picture, it’s horrid..seriously..ok, but it’s a mess!!

There are dozens of leftover projects, supplies for hobbies no longer being used, and scrapbooking paraphernalia galore! It just needs a good old fashioned cleaning, sorting, donation and trashing!

Check here to see some great craft room, supplies…you name it, I probably pinned it!

au revoir!

DrOp YoUR PaNTs!

Ha! Laundry is a every person bane! It multiples, like those crazy Tribbles on Star Trek!! This has become one of my favorite projects this far. It was a fairly easy project but it did break the $20 limit for the challenge.

  • I found the Black & White contact paper at Marshalls for $5.99. It became the basis of the color scheme. With my kitchen being red & yellow and the laundry being right off the dining, it complimented each other without being overwhelming.
  • I purchased the decal at for $10.00 (plus $6.50 for shipping). I added the smaller of the design to the dashboard sections of the rented washer and dryer, these can be removed when I move.
  • Several of the baskets were purchased at my local thrift shops and average in price from $1.99 to $4.99
  • One can of black matte spray paint $3.99 ~ this was a huge mess. I learned to wear latex gloves and purchase more than one can. A future project will be to respray the baskets for more uniform appearance.

I will let the collages below speak for themselves.

au revoir!

Before: Clutter and unorganized. Tools overflowing the boxes…total mess!

Clean and Uniform! Everything now has its place

KeePinG ClEAn!

May is the just about half over and I have been working on the laundry area for the 2012 ReDesign Challenge.  I have pinned a few inspiration pics but here are the ones I like the most. The laundry area is about the size of a good closet with a full washer, dryer and houses the water heater.  I also store holiday wreaths and cleaning supplies in the space. I want a cohesive look, clean and clutter free.

Source: via Alyssa on Pinterest

Source: via Alyssa on Pinterest



Original sources should show for the pins, if not, they can be found here.    Roomenvy    decals

I am just about done with all the updates…keep posted!

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The temporary roomie is closing on her first house this week. I am so excited for her! I remember my first home purchase and to this day, I still love that little home. I miss it beyond measure. I am not a place financially to move or purchase another home so here I will stay.

There is progress on my switchover here at Dragonfly Keep. I started a layout for the new rooms. I found a room planner kit online at Life…Your Way. I had to adjust some of the items but it got all the pieces to fit. The layouts are standard but can be re-configured to what you have in your home.

Over the next couple of weeks I am hoping to get some of these items moved. These are the days I wish I were a wizard and could get this all completed in a blink of an eye. Instead, I am going to call in the brute forced and get it all done.

Follow my Pin for my inspirations on my bedroom and office

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MuStArd & KetCHuP

Those are the colors of my kitchen. Inspired by two kitchen items I received over the years. Mustard from the Martha Stewart mixing bowls I received as a present years ago from my mom. Ketchup from an adorable red tea-pot I have (and quite frankly, don’t remember where it came from). I am not changing that theme, but I am going to clear out the stuff I don’t need and refine the zones.

Since I was blessed by not having to work OT this weekend, I am going hog-wild in the kitchen…and I ain’t cooking!

I created a board on Pinterest called A Non-Cook’s Kitchen that has some inspiration ideas for me. Below is the few pictures I am using for today’s clean and de-clutter.

So now I am off to take photo’s of the apartment for all the before shots. THEN! I clean the kitchen. Stay tuned…the first kitchen post is coming soon!

au revoir!