One Little Word

Last year, I had the grandiose plan to join Allie Edwards and her One Little Word project. I picked accountability and got my class schedule. I was ready!

Just with everything I plan to do, one day or several days into it all comes a flare. I often find it hard to go back, find where I left off and start again. I promised myself “No Photo Challenges” on Instagram for this very reason. My energy goes to my forty hours of work each week and I burn through what energy I have “catching up” on the weekend.

When I thought about a word for 2017 I was torn between Energy and Focus.  Energy, per Webster’s definition, is the strength and vitality required for sustain physical or mental activity. A very wonderful, powerful word to explore – don’t you think?  And there is Focus, whose synonyms are heart, core, and focal point. The center of interest or activity. As I sit here and write this…I am still torn on which one to pick.

I made a mini mind map in my planner on what I needed to focus on in 2017. Health – well, duh. This encompasses a change in eating lifestyle, implementing fitness, menu planning, blah blah blah. Self Care: basically, not allowing myself leave the house looking like ass. Faith – Read the bible end to end; daily devotions; structured devotions; meditation through journaling. And of course, grow this blog, YouTube, re-launch Etsy…I’ve got plans!

Though it will require Energy to gain Focus, I am going with Focus. Mostly to remind myself that despite being ill, I won’t lose sight of my plans, that it really is ok to pick up where I left off and the goals I set for myself are obtainable.

Do you have a word for 2017?


Frida Kahlo – Feliz Cumpleanos

I recently picked up Issue 13 of Flow magazine (it’s a Dutch magazine for all paper lovers!) with the work of Frida on the cover.

Today I celebrate a woman who I consider almost a patron saint of chronic illness. Frida Kahlo. I’m not here to write about her bastard of a husband, politics or love life. I want to express how this woman (along with my mother, sister and Elizabeth Gilbert) has given me my permission slip to be a creative.

Thru her entire life, Frida dealt with illness (polio as a child) and pain from a very horrible automobile accident. It was during her accident recovery that she was confined to her bed and decided not to just lay about but to do something! She began to paint.

I have no excuse to hold back from being a creative creature by blogging, re-arranging a room, having a pretty planner or to learning to water color. Don’t let your illness hold you back from anything. It took me way too long in life to embrace even a fraction of the creative person I am.

If Frida can lay in a bed and paint. I can lay in my bed and write…right?


Mag by Flow Magazine- Peppermint Mocha by me

Mag by Flow Magazine- Peppermint Mocha by me

Health Statement

The first quarter of this year started out pretty rough health wise but I happy it was. I ended up with the flu but it really shed a lot of light into my current self-care plans and shifted my overall perspective on my state of health.

I am now able to differentiate between my metrics for fatigue and metrics for pain. My app, My Pain Journal, is keeping track of all of it. I could probably have tracked this in my planner. However, I tried and ended up confusing the hell out of myself.  Especially on the days I’m just happy to make it out of bed.

Now, if I would just remember to take my vitamins!

Yes, I know, they have an app for that.

This next quarter, I am keeping a food journal to see how my food affects me. I am still reducing my gluten intake and believe me, my body tells me when I have too much. Water and vitamins are also on that tracker. (I just keep forgetting them).

Changing my food and being aware (there’s that accountability thing again) of what I eat will be a fascinating challenge for myself.