Oh, I left ya hanging

I am a bad blogger girl. I totally started on the Spending Freeze only to take off on a Summer break. Naughty! eh…as you know, I will get there…eventually.

The first fifteen days were awesome. I was on track, bills only being paid and the occasional item from the grocery store.  Then, I had a flare.

As well all know by now, my addiction is money. I has it, I spend it.  With the triggers set off, I went cray cray. The last part of the month was a nightmare. What I learned is that my spending habits are triggered by boredom, pain, depression-like symptoms, and the “I just want to feel better” excuse.

In order to prepare myself for another round of this in March, I have to start dealing with these triggers now. So with a bit of research on the interwebs, I found an article on keeping a food mood tracker. (and I lost the source). The author suggested to add four labels for the degrees of eating…(n) for normal, (f) something fun, special occasion, (m) for mindless eating and (b) for a binge.

Princess Fergie (one of my fave peeps btw), once said, while being a brand ambassador for a weight loss company, that “once you get your weight in proper perspective, money then follows right behind it” (very, very, very loosely translated). This simple lettering system can help me with not only my food journal but my spending as well.

Beginning October 1st, I will have a separate passport sized expense tracker just for this newest challenge I have for myself.

What has worked for you to keep your spending in check?

Finance Tracking

Photo by Kaboompics.com

fAIre FaiLLite

This week will usher in a new chapter in my financial life. I am in a place between relief and utter devastation. Then, strangely, elation. I am happy to get the creditors behind me, get them paid and on with some financial security. It also means work, lots of work.

It’s my intention to continue with using Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace principals, keeping track of all expenditures and for God’s sake…saving a portion of my money!

I am so freaked out and really wish I didn’t have travel this path. With all that is going on with this economy, I feel fortunate that I even get a chance to pay people back.

This is a rather short post just for the simple fact that I don’t know what to feel.

au revoir!