fAIre FaiLLite

This week will usher in a new chapter in my financial life. I am in a place between relief and utter devastation. Then, strangely, elation. I am happy to get the creditors behind me, get them paid and on with some financial security. It also means work, lots of work.

It’s my intention to continue with using Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace principals, keeping track of all expenditures and for God’s sake…saving a portion of my money!

I am so freaked out and really wish I didn’t have travel this path. With all that is going on with this economy, I feel fortunate that I even get a chance to pay people back.

This is a rather short post just for the simple fact that I don’t know what to feel.

au revoir!

A WeApoN oF MaSSiVe CoNSumPtIoN

I suffer from a  well-known social disorder called Stufitis. Dave Ramsey’s book Financial Peace came in this week from Amazon*. I bought it used because the library had a three-month wait! I read the whole thing in one day. The chapters were short and highly informative. With the BK looming closer and closer, I have to make some changes. In the past, I was using some of the techniques I found with Mary Hunt’s Debt Proof Living. Many of the concepts are the same. She has a Rapid Debt Reduction plan and he has the Snowball Effect. Both recommend an emergency fund and both say STOP SPENDING!

I am so damn materialistic…heck it even shows up in my Zodiac sign, Taurus and in my Chinese zodiac sign Metal Pig! Double whammy! Sadly, this disorder is more than something to kid about. It is an addiction. I have $6.00 in savings, minimal retirement and about a paycheck away from being on the streets. Dealing with money has always been an issue for me. My addiction feeds into my insecurity of wanting to be like my friends, having enough and wanting more.

As I clear the Fog of Vagueness away from my finances, I begin to see the destruction this disease has caused in my life. I won’t lie, I LOVE TO SHOP! But damn, it is costing me my life.

Dave’s book talks about baby steps. I love this concept. My personality often tends to go overboard and tries to devour all knowledge at once. With these steps, I have a clear plan for my financial present and future. Over the course of this week I will be completing a review of my budget and will create my cash spending envelopes. Payday is this week so I will be able to get this new plan rolled out and ready for next payday.

Baby Steps. Yep, Baby Steps!

I leave you with one of my favorite Lily Allen songs (it has explicit lyrics) called The Fear

{*Amazon has a trade-in program where you can send in your old books and are given a trade in value. This value is put on a “card” for you that can be applied to future purchases. I was able to get my book for $3.11, that was the book and shipping. Check it out!!}

au revoir!

NeW YeArs!

I can not believe, as usual, that the new year is just a couple of weeks away. Time does fly (whether you are having fun or not!). I am spending a quiet afternoon reading magazines and finishing wrapping the presents. I am heading out on Friday to spend the Christmas holiday with my family. I am looking forward to spending time with them since we didn’t get much time at Thanksgiving. All the shopping for the family is complete!

I am not going to use 2012 to do the same old resolutions…diet, exercise…etc. That is something I should be doing anyway! So, I am going to work on four goals. 1) Bankruptcy 2) 2012 ReDesign Challenge and 3) This blog! and 4) My Etsy Shop!!!!

Within the next couple of weeks I will be finalizing the outline for what the 2012 ReDesign Challenge will entail. I am really looking forward to this challenge and blogging it all to show you the progress.

Bankruptcy…yea, that is going to be rough. Reality is, I suck when it comes to money and I am drowning in my own financial mismanagement. I know that are going to drastically change for me over the next few years. I have to concentrate on learning recovery just like any addict would. And yes, there is a group for that!

I am still very new to blogging and am still learning how to navigate WordPress! I picked up some books today at the library and will be attending a WordCamp event in February to get even more education. I have only recently turned this blog into it’s own domain. I think it is time for the next step.

And lastly, growing my Etsy shop. Someone please order something!!! lol

So my friends, what changes are you making in 2012??

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