StEp AWaY FrOm ThE CrACk!

I am the first to admit that the internet and TV are my source of crack. I will spend countless hours watching fluff and pinning to my hearts content. I do this because I don’t have to deal with my current reality. Namely, working hard for a nameless bank where my I do is more important than my IQ and dealing with the fatigue issue that has seriously impeded many aspects of my life. Including growing a business.

JJDouglasPaperCo officially has had no sales, zero, nilch, nada. It is something that I am completely responsible for. I have plenty of down time to sit in front of a television because I am tired but there seems to be no energy for growing my business…what is up with that?!?

It is already the middle of the month and my goals for April have not been addressed. This month is for me to work on my branding and social media. Ummm…take a look at my Facebook page, see me making use of my social media?? Gah!

So what do to, what to do?!? First and foremost, my health is Priority One. However, being lazy is just an excuse. I am going to fall back on some good old fashioned time management skills…my kitchen timer. There is a lot that can be accomplished in thirty minutes. Whether it is cleaning, blogging, reading emails or listing completed projects on Etsy.

And for goodness sake woman, step away from the TV!

Any suggestions out there blog world?

Au revoir!

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One thought on “StEp AWaY FrOm ThE CrACk!

  1. Break the project down in increments so it doesn’t look too big or take too long…..then, just do it!! I believe you taught me this?????? Love You!!!!

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