Start 2019 with a Physical Wellness Plan

I am going to have to take back what I said in my last post – I have hit my rock bottom. I am at my highest weight and my lowest self esteem. I am a middle-aged grumpy fat chick who smells like farts! Ok, I may have exaggerated a bit but not by much.

As I was putting together my notes on Fiscal Wellness, I started digging into what it means to be physically well. I have said it before that I believe these topics go together…like peanut butter and jelly. Physical Wellness includes but no limited to the following: physical, emotional. intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental and occupational. Within those categories, I pulled out two to three sub catagories that I wanted to delve into for 2019.

Physical will cover building my strength & endurance, nutrition with an emphasis on weight loss/control and sleep hygiene. This means more exercise, eating right and prepping myself to sleep better with a nightly routine that lulls me to sleep.

The emotional component will include self-care, mental support (therapy) and managing stress. I picked these topics for several reasons- most of my illness is due to internalizing my stress and not talking care of myself (bad foods, so-on). Learning to manage stress will help with the sleeping plus some therapy will help with the internalizing…got the picture?

For the intellectual portion – I am going to read all the books that Rory read in Gilmore Girls in one year.  Yeah, no.  However, boosting my intellect with books is the best brain fodder I can think of. Embracing my creative side and maybe adding some free online courses will help expand my mind with out the aid of hallucinogenic drugs 🙂

For the Social aspect, I will actually leave my house to meet with people.  WHAT? Time to crawl out of my little hole I have made for myself! I am going to work on networking, volunteering and strengthening family bonds & friendships.

With the Spiritual component, I intend to develop a closer relationship to my Creator with intentions, meditations, and stewardship with my faith. Just a closer step to thee, right?

For the Environmental portion, I am going to keep  enough. It is my intention to practice reduce, reuse, recycle. There will be a rehash of the KonMari method as well.

Lastly, I end with the Occupational category.  There are skills that I need to learn, such as CSS for this blog. As well as, bookkeeping, entrepreneurship and leadership. I am sure that my 9-to-5 job would also benefit from a bit of wellness too

I am so excited for what is to come for 2019. I have my content board filled to the brim with ideas! I can not wait to share with you all this new direction that I am taking!!

laters, lissy

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