StALker PrOfiLe: 001

Name: Pretty Fluffy

Who are They: they are the go to guide for the modern dog owner

Favorite Post: Pretty Fluffy: DIY Pet First Aid Kit

Why I stalk the blog:  Ok , maybe stalker is not the right word. Admirer? Anywho, Serena at Pretty Fluffy is one of my favorite reads each week. I subscribe to what seems like hundreds of blogs but her’s is one that I make sure I read. Based in the land down under, she and her dog Soda share the web page with all sorts of tips, articles, product shares and the most wonderful pictures of her dog. I keep wondering if my pup will every allow me to take awesome pictures of her!  If you are a fur mom/dad…be sure to check her out!

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2 thoughts on “StALker PrOfiLe: 001

  1. The correct word is admirer. Only if the admired is repulsed or creepified by the admirer are they a stalker. Decided this a number of years ago when I talked about this guy who showed up every place I went to in college and was told, “Most women get a restraining order for their stalkers. You married yours.”

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