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::Blogs I Adore:: installment this month are blogs where I go to my news and support for Fibromyalgia. This month, I am showcasing too blogs. First up is Counting My Spoons: From Fibro to Fabulous by Julie Ryan. {Click the link on her name for her story & journey}.  My favorite posts are about the Fibro Warriors. Posts like that are encouraging, especially on days when you hurt beyond all comprehension.

Source: facebook.com/fibromusic
Source: facebook.com/fibromusic


Next on my reader list is Fibromyalgia Support. This is a tumblr site that links to new research, pictures and other useful info.  Along with these two blogs, some really good online support groups and understanding friends {or mOnkies} & family. I feel extraordinarily fortunate in my fight with chronic illness.





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  1. I, too, have FM and it stinks bad! I’m glad you are doing better with your pain. I get it. Just thought I’d tell you, you are not alone.

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