In reviving old routines, I am dusting off my FlyLady book and working on my Weekly Financial Home Blessing Hour. If you are not familiar with FlyLady, then check them out here. It is everything that you could possibly think of to get your home clutter free and manageable. For Monday, I created the tasks as follows:

  • Weekly Tabulation: This is where I make sure I have recorded the previous months worth of expenses
  • Review Mail: Many organizers recommend reviewing your mail once everyday. If I don’t have the chance, it gets done on this day
  • Review emails: Yep, taking time to respond and review emails (I generally do this everyday)
  • Update Calendars: Making sure I know what I have going on for the week and make sure special events are in the calendar
  • Balance Checkbook: No explanation really needed.
  • Filing: Once a week keeps this task at a minimum.
  • Expenses: This is what I call my bill paying. Paydays are the day I truly pay bills, this is mostly for making sure the spreadsheet is updated and on-line payments are recorded
Recently, I changed my calendars from Google to Cozi Granted, it is catering to families, I have found it to be a fun calendar to use and it even syncs up with Google. It has additional calendars that you can add as well as Shopping Lists. For example, today I added the Survival Checklist. This allows me to make sure I start amassing items in case of emergency. I.e. sudden tropic storm in Arizona (if Vermont can get a Hurricane, I am sure something can blow this desert into a flurry!). FlyLady is also partner with this group and you can download all the weekly cleaning checklists and daily reminders. Check it out!
Next week, I will have my Monthly NetWorth updated. Still collecting my data.
Off to a late Labor Day BBQ!
au revoir!
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