So VErY LaZy

It’s already Sunday afternoon and my day has consisted of doing nothing. No wait… I took a mid morning nap. This may be followed by a mid afternoon nap. Had a very impromptu weekend. Nothing planned but very nice indeed. Got a call on Thursday from my friend Christine in Tucson wanting to know if I would be up for a sleep-over! So Friday night was spent eating pizza, wings and fruit punch! Nom, Nom, Nom. We both crashed early and slept in late. Wonderful way to start a weekend. We ended up going to lunch with Mr. R at Chino’s and then a quick trip to beer heaven. Then we headed over to Mr. R’s because he gave me his old tv. It’s the biggest TV I have ever had and I am still not sure how I am going to get this thing hooked-up. Not really worried about it at the moment. I can’t help but feel that I just received some consolution prize for all the crap I was put through on his behalf. Oh well, he wasn’t alone in this mess so if I get a big TV out of it, bully for me.

With the TV safely in my apartment I headed off to pick up Nikki from the airport, back home to shower and get ready for sushi and Eat Pray Love with Nikki. I enjoyed the book so much more but I was not too disappointed in the movie. I got an entirely different message from the movie than the book. And a new desire to try this dish. Oh does it look yummy! Today, well, totally lazy day. I was up early due to an upset tummy and having the history of Twin Moons removed from my life once and for all. (Yea, after stepping down in March, the new seneschal FINALLY picked up the baronial records!) I am sure I should have a bath…after my nap I think.

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