So nOt WhAT I hAd PlANeD FoR tHe WeEKenD

I caught some kind of bug. Or it’s just a manifestation of my stress…dunno, but I feel like crap. So, I am laying low this weekend. Staying in, rest and recuperating. I am listening to what my body has to say and it’s saying ‘we want sleep and rest and lots of naps’.

My business is starting rather slowly but steadily. I have three prospective recruits that I will be meeting with on Tuesday. This weekend, I plan on sending out a Hi, I launched my business letter. If I send out about 30, I am bound to get two or more replies. I have a website and will have a business line by the beginning of next week. I plan on getting the video phone as soon as I can cuz that thing is fricken awesome! I will probably be doing a bunch of reading this weekend too. I got a few on Network Marketing that I thought would be good to read up on.

Anyway, time for some rest and a cup of peppermint tea to settle my stomach…ugh, not doing so good tonight

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