Shake Your Money Tree

Habits. Either I working on creating new ones, or deleting old ones. It’s a never ending train ride to disappointment for me. I’m good for the first seven to ten days…then I’m done. I’ve either lost interest, had a bump in my road {aka sick or such} or its “too hard” {be sure to read that last part in a classic childish whine!}

What if you had to change your habits to save yourself, your family or your home? I’ve been brought up with the core teachings of “first things first”. Which means anything that keeps you alive & in a home gets paid first ~ rent, utilities, food. After that, obligations to others {debts, pets & such} get paid and if there is anything left over…it’s FUN money!

I have $4 in my emergency savings, by the end of this month I will have $40. With using the 52 Week Savings Challenge, (check online, there are quite a few printables). I should have $253.00 in emergency savings!! Using Dave Ramsey as a reference, this is the first baby step, $1000 in savings! It could be used to help move me, medical procedures or bailing my bff out of jail! {It could happen}

Here’s where I’ve messed up with my emergency savings….debit card. Access to instant money when the good ole slush fund is dried up! That card, it’s been destroyed, and the number removed from my online shopping accounts like PayPal and Amazon. I’ve set up the account to be transferable to a local bank account for those “emergencies” should they arrive. It may take a couple of days so it better be a real emergency.

I need leaves on my money tree, ya know!

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