r’uH r’Oh

Or, how this month’s 2012 ReDesign Challenge was an uber fail. I had planned to re-organize the patio and storage room for August but I am a dorkfish.  What was I thinking?!? It’s Arizona! Way to hot to deal with outside crap like that.  So I went thrifting instead!

This was a Goodwill half-off Saturday so I started there. I picked up a ceramic container that is now holding rulers and larger items in the studio, Kerr mason jar, a black & white polka dot top (Made in the USA), recycled inter-tube purse (which I think I will bling out for Steampunk), a grab bag with a cat nail clippers/various must haves, and a skirt with top for a Dia de los Muertos event coming in October. At Epic I found a book, spoons (for an upcoming art project) and a tissue box top that matches the colors in my studio perfectly! Not a bad day for thrifting.

Goodwill and Epic Thrift Shopping

The “other” monthly challenge is coming to a close.  This  past week I was busy with working overtime,  so there wasn’t a lot of need for shopping. I have found quite a few alternatives to my purchases and over all have kept it Made In America. Like fast food, it’s all about convenience. It takes time to cook a good home cooked meal with fresh locally grown ingredients, but over all, it’s good for your body. It takes time to research and locate the Made in the USA items but it’s good for our economy.  Right?

Martha Stewart has a great link on her Pinterest board in support of American Made products and companies…take a look!
bye for now!

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